The following page showcases papers, journals, books, previous works, and other media features based on works that I have done in the past.

Last Updated: September, 2021


Published (and Contributed) Papers

Published/Contributed Books

Undergraduate Projects & Reports

  • Efficiency Characterization of the Kepler Exoplanet Discovery Pipeline Using Machine Learning [Slide] [Paper]

  • Performance Analysis of MySQL and Neo4J on StackOverflow User Interaction Graphs [Paper]

  • Birth Rate Forecasting Using Deep Learning Models [Slide] [Paper]

  • EVE: Emotion Vector Encoding - Towards Learning Feature Representations for Emotion Embeddings [Paper] [Slide]

  • Browser-Based Distributed Computing [Slide] [Paper]

  • OER Commons Search Engine [Slide] [Paper]

  • Body Emotion Study Data Collection and Visualization Tool [Paper]

  • Towards a Reverse Turing Test Framework for Chatbots [Paper]

  • CDiscount Large-Scale Deep Learning Image Classification [Slide] [Paper]

  • Clickbait Detection Using Machine Learning [Paper]

  • Decentralized Topic Modeling and Proxy Routing Based Obfuscation Methods for Web Search Privacy [Paper]

  • Amazon Product Rating Predictions at Scale [Slide] [Paper]



In the News/Media